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Our Artisans

Most of our women have not had previous employment. Many are young women in their early twenties preparing for their marriage and trying to help their families pay for their wedding and dowries. Some are mothers of young ones who are trying to contribute to the needs of the home and family through their skill set.
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Dekko Trading

Dekko Trading is a jewelry and household goods wholesale company headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our design team dreams up the products here in Chattanooga, and our artisans hand-craft the products in India. Our style reflects a conversation between cultures. We strive for a fine balance of East and West, vintage and contemporary, beauty and practicality.

Our Team

Shane and Alicia

It all started when a couple from the US, Shane and Alicia, decided to take a look at India in 2006. Inspired by India’s vibrant life and rich history, they saw the business potential in this emerging country. They met gifted artisans, deeply rooted in their age-old craft traditions, who lacked the channels to engage the global market. They also met courageous women who wanted to help provide for their families but didn’t know what to do or where to start.

Shane and Alicia saw how East and West could work together for everybody’s benefit. So they quit their jobs and packed up for India. They started Dekko Trading Private Limited in India and currently work with a multi-national team, giving work to over 30 Indian artisans, who in turn train and raise up others. They are thrilled to be a part of empowering artisans and bringing sustainable livelihoods to developing communities.

Steve and Lori

In April 2010 Steve Bower and his wife Lori, who were acquaintances of Shane and Alicia, traveled to India for the first time. Experiencing firsthand life in India was both overwhelming and inspiring. The excitement of becoming involved in a business like this continued to grow over the next 18 months. This came together with the launch of Dekko Trading in January 2013.

With over 20 years of business experience, Steve is the person responsible for Dekko Trading on the United States side. He manages the “exciting” stuff, overseeing importing, warehousing, marketing, and sales and distribution. All this while maintaining the desire to balance profitability with a commitment to improving the lives of those who work with us.  His wife Lori has a big role on the design side and has had a hand in many of the beautiful designs that the artisans produce for us.

Sydney started as Dekko’s social media coordinator in December 2023 and is responsible for all the fun stuff you see on Instagram and Facebook. Sydney is a student at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and plans to pursue social media marketing in the future.  Working with Dekko is a great opportunity for her to gain some real world experience in an environment that promotes slow fashion and handmade products.

Jenny started with Dekko as the Operations Manager in the summer of 2018, almost immediately with a trip to India to visit the Hattons and to meet many of the artisans. Some of the many varied responsibilities that fall onto her lap include coordinating with the Design Team, working with the Hattons on production, communicating with customers and packing up their orders, and pretty much everything in between.  Jenny was a Dekko fan long before she began working for the company, and her four visits to India have cemented her support for the work they’re doing in Jaipur.

All our fabulous products are designed by a group of women who live and work in the Chattanooga area. They seek inspiration from a variety of different sources, and using their personal experiences and talents they work to design products that are both beautiful and accessible. Not all have traveled to India (yet) to meet the artisans, but those who have bring additional insight from what they experience in Jaipur.  The bright colors, graceful architecture, and beautiful patterns are all sources that inform the design process, which often occurs around a kitchen table with the sounds of young children playing outside.