It all started when a couple from the US, Shane and Alicia, decided to take a look at India in 2006. Inspired by India’s vibrant life and rich history, they saw the business potential in this emerging country. They met gifted artisans, deeply rooted in their age-old craft traditions, who lacked the channels to engage the global market. They also met courageous women who wanted to help provide for their families but didn’t know what to do or where to start.

Shane and Alicia saw how East and West could work together for everybody’s benefit. So they quit their jobs and packed up for India. They started Dekko Trading Private Limited in India and currently work with a multi-national team, giving work to over 30 Indian artisans, who in turn train and raise up others. They are thrilled to be a part of empowering artisans and bringing sustainable livelihoods to developing communities.